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Property owners

September 18, 2022 by admin

The TCBA team offers a wide range of services for your property’s effective and lucrative management.

Property Evaluation and Setup

The careful appraisal of the property’s potential in the current market and its subsequent structured set-up is of the essence for its successful operation. Our team handles the following tasks in close collaboration with specialized partners.


  1. Competition analysis
  2. Real estate photoshoot
  3. Pricing strategy
  4. Property listing across short-term rental platforms
  5. Copywriting
  6. Suggestions for your property’s aesthetic and standard operating procedure (SOP) upgrade
Property evaluation & setup

Marketing services

After your property has been successfully published, the next step is its effective promotion across all short-term rental platforms, as well as its own social media or the company’s. We carry out the following tasks:


  1. Logo design
  2. Social Media and Google Business account set-up
  3. Property Guide Book set-up using Tourmie app
  4. Website design
  5. Content creation for marketing
  6. Copywriting


The above services ensure your property’s most efficient promotion.

Property operation support

Following the property’s publication on the platforms and channels of our choice is the day-to-day management, which can be broken into two parts:


  • Online property management
  • Offline property management


Online tasks include:

  1. Communicating with guests
  2. Processing guest requests for transfers, car rentals, and further concierge services
  3. Managing bookings, such as cancellations, reservation changes, overbookings, etc
  4. Reviewing guests and replying to guest reviews
  5. Reviewing and updating pricing strategies on a regular basis and as necessary to ensure profits
  6. Contacting platform help centers for support
  7. Publishing monthly revenue reports accessible via our personalized online system


Offline tasks include (for properties based in Heraklion):

  1. Welcoming guests (terms and conditions apply)
  2. Offering help and support to guests during their stay
  3. Maintenance checks
  4. Cleaning service by the company’s crew (includes a supervisor for quality checks)
  5. Linen collection and transfer to partnering dry cleaners.
  6. Post-checkout checks
  7. Procurement support
Property operation support